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Ship Building Division

Ever since the yard’s first Ship “JALA USHA”, a 8000 DWT steam ship launched on the 14 Mar 1948, by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, HSL has gone a long way in building a range of ships numbering one hundred and sixty seven of various types of sizes. The range varies from conventional Bulk Carriers, General Cargo and Supply Vessels, Patrol Vessels to highly sophisticated Drill Ships covering Defence and Oil Sectors apart from conventional Merchant Shipping. Thanks to its valued and varied clientele, HSL has achieved a phenomenal growth and success in achieving versatility in building ships of different product mix.

SAGAR BHUSHAN a highly sophisticated and complex Drill Ship built for the first time in India for ONGC is just an example of HSL’s capability in high-tech products.

For the first time, HSL constructed and delivered the largest 53000 DWT diamond series of GML.

Facility Size (in mts.) Capacity (DWT) Cranage
Slipway 1 195 x 26.6 30000 1 no. - 35 T
1 no. - 60 T 
Slipway 2 195 x 26.6 30000 1 no. - 35 T
1 no. - 60 T
Slipway 3 140 x 22.7 small crafts 1 no. - 60 T
1 no. - 100 T

Covered Building Dock
with Intermediate Gate

240 x 53 80, 000 1 no. - 100 T (LL)
2 no. - 150 T (EOT)
Outfitting Quay 460

2 to 3 ships up to
50, 000 DWT

1 no. - 50 T
1 no. - 125 T
1 no. - 10 T
1 no. - 5T


The Infrastructure

HSL’s yard is spread over an area of about 300,000 Sq.Mtrs. Workshops and facilities are systematically planned and functionally laid out to ensure unidirectional flow of material. The steel processing facilities consist of a stock yard to hold 30,000 tons of steel, modern plate and section treatment plant, NC gas cutting machines, heavy duty pressures, self elevating trucks capable of handling blocks upto 250 tonnes and large prefabrication shops with overhead travelling cranes of adequate capacity. The hull construction facilities include a modern Covered building Dock and three Slip Ways. Cutting, Welding and Assembly of steel to any specification is handled with care and accuracy by skilled operators who are continuously trained to upgrade their skills. The long Outfitting Quay is equipped with adequate self contained services and facilities.

Hull Outfitting, Engineering and Electrical shops. Versatile machinery and labour saving devices curtail outfitting cycle time.