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Submarine Division

"Only Indian Shipyard to have undertaken major refits of Submarines with specialized facilities established for EKM class submarines"
  • HSL's association with submarine repairs commenced with refitting of two Egyptian submarines
  • An exclusive and dedicated Submarine Division was established in 1997 to undertake medium refit repairs.
  • The Yard entered a new area of repairs of conventional submarine in a big way with the Medium Repairs of a Vela class submarine.
  • The yard has also undertaken the Medium Repair-cum-Modernisation of Sindhughosh class submarine. The yard has thereafter undertaken Normal refit of INS Sindhuvir which adds a new feather to the HSL’s cap.
The Yard post 56 years of its inception, had in, 1997 added another entity to its repertoire viz., the Submarine Retrofit Division to undertake the refits of submarines ie., Foxtrot Class of the Indian Navy, a first on the eastern sea board beyond the realms of the Naval Dockyard at Visakhapatnam. The formulation of the retrofit division had added an adage as a new “strategic business unit” furthering the cause of self reliance post the end of the cold war.
The Retrofit Division undertook the maiden MR of INS Vagli from 1997 to 2005, which ensured in provisioning of an alternate yard to enhance the MFL of the vital and strategic national asset.
Consequent to the Yard establishing its credentials of garnering the expertise on undertaking the refit of Vagli, the Yard was bestowed with the contract to undertake the MR of the first EKM class of submarine viz., INS Sindhukirti in 2006. The Yard’s provise in undertaking a flawless MR albeit the extended period, for reasons beyond the control of the Yard, enshrined in the attainment of standards akin to those achieved during the commissioning trials of a new submarine. This development remains a true manifestation of the Yard coming of age to be bestowed with new and additional challenges.
HSL has acquired the required expertise, capabilities & skill set and developed specialized infrastructure/facilities & technical documentation essentially required for undertaking refits of EKM Class Submarines of Indian Navy. It is the only shipyard having covered ‘Building Dock’ where refits of two EKM submarines can be undertaken simultaneously. This has been done with a view to obviate dependence on any foreign shipyard for refit of EKM Submarines.
Taking cognizance of the growing expertise evolved in the Yard and extent of technical support as available in the ecosystem at Visakhapatnam, the Yard has been nominated for the construction of two Special Operating Vessels (SOVs) to be integrated with Swimmer Delivery Vessels (SDVs) apart from the likely nomination for the execution of the NR of INS Sindhuvir for a duration of two years and MRLC of other EKM Class Submarines.
The contract for undertaking NR of INS Sindhuvir was signed with India Navy on 14 Jul 2017 at a cost of Rs.546 Cr. Russian Yard Sc Zvyozdochka is the Collaborator. The Normal Refit is for a duration of 27 months. The Yard has commenced the works as soon as the contract was signed and the Submarine was docked on 27 Jul 2017. The refit is progressing smoothly and is on schedule.
It would not be out of place to state that, the Yard had undertaken successful repairs the repairs of two Egyptian Naval submarines viz., S 22 and 23 along with the erstwhile BRO, Visakhapatnam in Mar 1972, which incidentally has been the precursor for the initiation of the journey thus far of the retrofit division.
Keeping in tune with the developments made and the requirement of the Yard to both repair/retrofit apart from undertake the construction of submarines, the Retrofit Division was rechristened as the Submarine Division in Mar 16.
Achievements – MR of Sindhukirti
The yard has successfully undertaken the Medium Refit-cum-Upgradation of INS Sindhukirti and the boat was handed over to the Indian Navy for work-up on 26 Jun 15. All the Harbour Acceptance Trials(HATs) under HSL scope were completed prior handing over and it is to state that the submarine had achieved 350 RPM during the Full Power Trials stands testimony to the Quality of Work undertaken by the Yard. 
It is important to state that a refit of that magnitude has been undertaken for the first time in India, where in, major equipment viz., Sonar USHUS, AC plants were replaced, and torpedo tubes have been modernized to fire missiles apart from the upgradation of the navigational complex (Appassionata) and Fire control system (AICS EKM -1). Additionally, the refit entailed renewal of MLC and local cable about 78 kms and 3500 spools of hydraulic & HP air systems.
It is worth mentioning that the following achievements of HSL are largely instrumental towards satisfaction of Navy in respect of MR of INS Sindhukirti:
(a)  Completion of HATs of all systems/ equipment in record time (post undocking)
(b)  Successful maiden sea sortie after 9 years without any problem, post MR, indicative of high quality of work.
(c)  Submarine doing 350 RPM during Full Power Trials (FPT), not achieved by any retrofitted submarine earlier.
(d)  Completion of ‘Check Dive’ and ‘Deep Dive’ in very first attempt
(e)  No Guarantee Claim- It is a testimony of yard’s workmanship & high quality standard that not even a single claim has been raised by Navy during the Guarantee period (01 Jun 15 – 31 May 15)
Special Operating Vessels (SOVs)
The Yard has been nominated to for construction of two SOVs for the Indian Navy meet its strategic requirements. The case would be progressed to establish a collaborator to be a stake holder in the construction of these vessels on receipt of the letter of offer. The vessels are expected to be delivered to the Indian Navy in the next decade of this millennium.   
Future Outlook
HSL has also recevied an RFP from Indian Navy to undertake Medium Refit-cum Life Certification (MRLC) of another EKM class Submarine INS Sindhuratna. Discussions with the Russian collaborators on work share and other issues are being pursued for bid finalisation. The Shipyard is well-geared up to undertake refits of two submarines simultaneously.
The Shipyard also encourages and engages with Indian industries / firms for supply of indigenous items and trained manpower to align with the objectives of "Make in India" initiative by the Govt. of India in letter and spirit.
Pipe Fitting Shop. A dedicated Pipe Shop equipped with following machines/ equipment have been created for manufacture, heat treatment, flushing through & high pressure testing of pipes made from all kinds of ferrous & nonferrous materials:
  • CNC controlled, hydraulically operated 3-Axis Pipe Bending Machines 
  • Portable Pipe Bending Machines
  • CNC controlled  Plasma Profile Cutting Machine
  • Pipe Bevelling Machine
  • High Speed Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Flange Facing Machine
  • Portable Pipe End Expansion Machine
  • Electric Furnace for Heat Treatment of Pipes
  • High Pressure (600 Bar) Pipe Testing Bay
  • Pipe Flushing Bay
  • Clean & Air Conditioned Titanium & Stainless Steel Welding Bay

CNC Controlled 3 Axis Pipe Bending Machines (65-168 mm dia)

CNC Controlled 3 Axis Pipe Bending Machines (10-55 mm dia)

CNC Plasma Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Flushing Station

Chemical Cleaning Bay: For undertaking Chemical Cleaning, Surface Preparation & Paining of Ferrous & Non Ferrous pipes, a state of art dedicated ‘Chemical Cleaning Bay’ has been created. The Chemical Cleaning Bay is having following facilities:
  • Alkaline Tanks with Heater facility
  • Acid Tanks for pipe pickling
  • Hot water rinse tanks with heater facility
  • Cold water rinse facility
  • Phosphating tank for HP Air Cylinders
  • Hot water Generating plant 
  • Facility for Shot Blasting and dust collection
  • Hi pressure water jet cleaning station with Hot air facility
  • Pipe scrubbing Unit
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Paint Booth with Solvent Extraction System
  • Pipe Holding & Piping Handling Machineries 

Alkali & Acid Treatment Tanks

Chemical Cleaning in Progress

Charging of Chemicals in Tanks

Monitoring of Chemical Cleaning

Hot water Generator & Hot water wash

Grit Blasting Bay for Suface Preparation

          Chemical Cleaning Bay
Electrical & Weapon WorkshopA specialised workshop has been created to for preparation of Cables, Soldering, and Assembly of Electrical & Weapon Consoles. The workshop consists of following facilities:
  • Cable Cutting Machine
  • Cable Stripping Unit
  • Tinning & Creping Machines
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering & Desoldering Station
  • Special Tools for Preparation of Multi Pin Connectors
  • Engraving Machines with Tool Grinder
  • Cable Holding Units
  • Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machine
  • Fume Extraction Unit
  • Automatic Eye Washer

Cable Cutting Machine

Cable Holding & End Preparation

Cable Cutting Machine

Engraving Machine

Electrical & Weapon Workshop

Other Facilities

Ultra High Pressure Testing Bay

Electrical & Weapon Testing Bay

1200 KW Battery Charging Rectifier

600 KW Shore Supply Rectifier

 125 Bar, 400 LPM Hydraulic Flusing Stand  with Integrated Particle Counter
 700 KW AC/DC  Load Bank