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Cmde Hemanth Khatri, In (Retd), C&MD 

Cmde Hemant Khatri, IN (Retd), C&MD










New Year Message




C&MD's Deepavali Message


“May the glow of divine lights of Deepawali bring Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Health into your life and Light up your path with glory.”


From Deepawali, the festival of lights, we can draw valuable lessons which can be reflected into our day to day works. Some of them are as follows:-

(a)  Diversified Ideas. Diwali is celebrated by people of various cultures and backgrounds. Similarly, Diversity in our work culture is to be embraced which can lead to a rich tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and talents. It fosters a more inclusive and innovative work environment.

(b)  Team Collaboration. Diwali often involves families and communities coming together to celebrate. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration in work environment can lead to increased productivity and a positive work culture.

(c)  Boost employee morale. Diwali is a time of festivities, and the joyous atmosphere hasa positive impact on individuals. Recognizing achievements, milestones, and creating a positive work environment can significantly boost employee morale.

(d)  Balancing Work and Life. Diwali is a time for families and friends. Similarly, we can learn the importance of promoting a healthy work-life balance. Encouraging employees to take breaks, scheduled leaves and fostering a supportive culture can contribute to employee well-being.

(e)  Renewal and Innovation. Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness. This can symbolize the importance of embracing change, fostering innovation, and constantly seeking ways to improve and renew business strategies.

(f) Gratitude and Appreciation. Diwali often involves expressing gratitude and appreciation. Recognizing and acknowledging the efforts of colleagues, employees, clients, and partners can contribute to a positive and motivated workforce. 

(g)  Environmental Responsibility. Diwali encourages the use of eco-friendly practices, such as using diyas (lamps) instead of firecrackers. We can draw inspiration to adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in our operations.

(h) Planning and Preparation. Diwali celebrations involve meticulous planning and preparation. Effective planning and preparation are crucial for success in any assignment. Learning to anticipate challenges and proactively addressing them is a valuable lesson from Deepawali.

In essence, Diwali teaches us the importance of unity, celebration, gratitude and a holistic approach to success that encompasses not just business achievements but also the well-being of individuals and the community.





1.                          I extend my warmest wishes to all the employees of HSL, on HSL signing a contract of Rs 19048 crore. This flagship project for construction of 05 Fleet Support Ships (FSS) for Indian Navy shall not only strengthen India’s Maritime capabilities but also contributes significantly to the growth of MSMEs, regional industry and local service sectors.
2.        Timelines of the project are more challenging than any other shipbuilding program in India. Each FSS of 225m length and 44000 tons displacement is to be built in just 4 years to meet the Indian Navy requirement. The follow on ships are to be delivered with a gap of only 10 months each. This demands a 4 times of increase in scale, size & speed for approvals, procedures & execution. I would like to urge upon the HSL team to follow following principles:-
3F’s – “Fire in belly, Focus on goal & Fearlessness in action
3C’s – “Challenges Yes, Collaborate with best, & Complete the task
3R’s – “Reforms, Revenue and Record”.
3S’s – “Scale, Size and Speed, to be stepped up”.
3.           I would request the MSMEs and various business partners to join in the endeavours of HSL towards realizing this project on time.

4.      Once again HSL thanks the Indian Navy and the Nation for entrusting HSL with this immense responsibility in line with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. This contract signing marks a remarkable chapter in HSL’s journey towards self-reliance and prosperity.




C&MD’s Message on 83rd Foundation day

Known as one of the pillars of economic growth in this region, the iconic Hindustan Shipyard Ltd has been on mission of reinventing itself keeping in pace with developing ‘New Bharat’. In fact, the city had its tryst with destiny way back in 1941 when the first green field Shipyard (HSL) was set up in Visakhapatnam by a Visionary leader Seth Walchand Hirachand Doshi from Mumbai.
The idea was conceived by Seth Walchand, when the first ship “SS Loyalty” of Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd sailed from Bombay to London on 05 Apr 1919 with an Indian flag for the first time. This was a crucial step in India’s maritime history when mercantile fleet was dominated by the British. With the same Nationalist spirit, the President of the Indian National Congress, Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad, was invited to lay the foundation stone for the Scindia Shipyard in Visakhapatnam on 21 June 1941 and the independent India’s first ship JALA USHA built by HSL was launched on 14 Mar 1948 by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
With 82 years of proven expertise, the shipyard is on growth path, pursuing its vision to be globally acknowledged as the “Best Shipyard in India” Significant reforms undertaken by HSL in all the facets in the past few years have lead to HSL turn over crossing 1000Cr for the first time. HSL growth has created enormous opportunities and enthusiasm in MEMEs & ancillary industries, creating huge employment opportunities in this region.
Armed with 3 keys business areas i.e. Shipbuilding, Ship Repairs and Submarine Retrofit. HSL is working aggressively on all three fronts and looking forward for business partners for constructing five Fleet Support Ships, is a challenging time frame.


        ·   Regular Vendor Meets

        ·   Associated with > 650 MSEs

        ·   40% Procurement from MSEs

        ·   35% Procurement through GeM

        ·   Adopted TReDS payment system for timely payment to MSMEs

        ·   Online vendor registration & Bill Tracking System


        ·   Apprentices engaged 140 no.

        ·   Tied up with IIT, Tirupati for Skill Development in modern welding technics

        ·   Cross skilling of Staff & Workmen & Skill up gradation training programs

        ·   Short Management courses to employees at IIM, Vizag

        ·   Scaling up Recruitment

        ·   Cooperate Training Workshops

Recent Highlights

       ·    Highest ever turnover of Rs.1038 Cr (Prov.) in FY 23 & YoY growth of 38%.

       ·    Ship Repairs clocked highest turnover of Rs.280 Cr. (Prov.) in FY 23 & YoY growth of 137%.

     ·   Two DSVs (9000T each) with 80% indigenous content concurrently launched & readying for Basin Trials

       ·    Repaired 17 Ships during FY 22 on time

       ·    NR of Sindhukirti at a fast pace with support from Indian Navy

       ·    The largest ever vessel of 80K DWT Bulk Carrier docked in HSL Repair dock for repairs

       ·    Bestowed with 7 prestigious awards in FY 2022-23

C&MD’s Message on completing FY 23



  • On the eve of 74th Republic day, I extend my best wishes to all the employees of HSL and their family members. My congratulations to all the young soldiers on the parade, meritorious performers who received commendation certificates and the winners of ‘Clean & Green’ Rolling trophy, today during Republic Day Celebration.
  • This day brings to our reminiscence the bravery, leadership and true spirit of ‘Service before Self’, practised by our soldiers in safeguarding the Nation. Few to name are Colonel Bikkumalla Santosh Babu who made the supreme sacrifice during his deployment in Galwan valley, Major General Chittoor Venugopal who by his exemplary leadership and aggressive battle planning led to large military gains during Indo Pak War, Capt Vikram Batra who despite being seriously injured, inspired his team and captured point 5140, Naik Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav who inspite of being hit by 17 bullets attacked the pakistani soldiers and succeeded in capturing Tiger hill, Captain Anuj Nayyar, who displayed exemplary valour in combat operations and succeeded in capturing Pimple II. Sacrifices of these great sons of India, are perennial source of inspiration for all of us.
  • Our Nation has been progressing on this path of Development at a fast pace in last few years. Various goals have been achieved within the targeted timelines. Few examples include increasing of renewable energy capacity of the Nation to 200 GW from 20 GW in 2014, building of Vande Bharat train in just 18 months with a target to build 400 such trains in the next three years, launching first rocket into space by the private sector in India, increase in speed of construction of National highways from 12 km per day to 37 km/day which was designed by the private sector in India and building New Parliament building in just 25 months etc.
  • We too are shaping New HSL with many recent achievements to your credit; like concurrent launching of two DSVs, integration of Retractable Thrusters to the Hull in 2xDSVs innovatively, 100 personnel working from Day 1 of Sindhukirti arrival. Winning of 5 successive orders in Ship Repairs after tough competition with other Shipyards, delivering of almost all ships in time in SRC after repairs, recording of highest ever VoP of Rs.755 Cr in FY 2021-22, launching of Dynamic payment QR code for tax invoices to customer, issuing Safety Q-Cards to 3500 personnel working in HSL after imparting Safety training program in batches, time & cost reduction in procurement of equipment & improvement in “Ease of doing Business” with HSL etc.
  • In view of ever growing competitive environment, we are required to accelerate. Much more needs to be done. On this occasion, I once again request everyone to join hands in achieving our goal to create a New HSL. The challenges that we face are not so big when compared with the challenges faced by our soldiers, in combat operations. Let us have the ‘Hunger to Win’, ‘Resolve to Succeed’ & ‘Madness to Overcome Challenges’, in our way.
  • So on this auspicious occasion, let us take a pledge that we will create a ‘New HSL that will fulfil all its commitments on time!’
  • We are proud of HSL, We are proud of India and we are proud to inherit a great legacy.

        Wishing you a very satisfying, eventful and fruitful year 2023.


+C&MD Message for New year-2023

HSL has been progressing steadily on the path of growth propelled by innovative ideas of young officers & guided by the experience of senior officers.

As we begin 2023, I wish all officers and their families a very happy, healthy, prosperous &satisfying year ahead.

HSL is just short of 18 years to celebrate its centenary; by when we have to make HSL the most modern & competitive shipyard of our Nation.

Innovations, Reforms and Empowerment of officers are the key to success.

I urge my team mates to have RRR as the resolution for 2023.


Happy New Year!!!!



+Message on 23 NOV 2022 My best wishes to all the employees on 140th birth anniversary of Seth Walchand Hirachand Doshi (Founder of Hindustan shipyard Limited). On this day let us all pay our earnest tribute to Seth Walchand Hirachand.

·Seth Walchand Hirachand was one of the magnificent visionary who has contributed a lot in laying foundation of Today’s India. He had maverick’s streak for forever looking for new areas to pioneer.

·Seth walchand started his carrier from his first venture in 1905 at 23 year of age as railway contractor with firm name Pathak & Walchand.

·His strive to success and making our country great started from there, He also founded Walchandnagar Industries in 1908, Scindia steam Navigation company in 1919, Ravalgaon sugar farm in 1933, Hindustan Aircraft now known as HAL in 1940, Scindia Shipyard now known as HSL in 1941, Premier Automobile in 1945 and many other small units.

·He was also founder and president of many societies viz. Maharashtra chamber of commerce, Industry and Agriculture; Indian National Shipowners’ association; Indian Sugar mills association; Indian Merchants Chamber; Deccan sugar factory association and Deccan Sugar technologist association.

·Another important thing about him for which we feel proud is that first Indian ship SS loyalty owned by Seth Walchand made its first maiden international voyage on 05 Apr 1919. To honour that 05th Apr is celebrated as National Maritime Day.

·He faced many personal challenges in his life but nothing could dampen his spirit. He started indigenistaion in true sense 100 year ago by bringing strategic Industries in country. Setting up transportation industries in all three segments viz. shipping, aviation and automobile, got him the title ‘Father of transportation in India’.

·On this Day let us all take oath to follow his footsteps and walk together with common objective of getting HSL back to crest. Let us all work together for our motto of Service to Nation through Service to HSL.

जय हिन्द

हेमंत खत्री ,अध्यक्ष एवं प्रबंध निदेशक

+Message on 02 OCT 2022 

 Hindustan shipyard Ltd Celebrated 153th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 118th Birth Anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri with great fervor on 02 Oct 2022 by  paying rich tributes to mahatma gandhi ji and Lal bahadur shastri ji.

+Message on 15 Aug 2022

• On the Occasion of 75th anniversary of India’s independence, let me express my best wishes to all personnel of HSL. My heartfelt congratulations to all the soldiers on parade, all the students for cultural performance and the teachers & guides for bringing out such spectacular performance from children of HSL educational society.
• The tools for ensuring freedom are economic power and military power. We in HSL can contribute towards both - economy by generating profit & employment and military power by delivering Naval ships & submarines of latest technology on time.
• Nation is moving ahead fast and a two to three fold jump is seen in many of the parameters in the last 8 years. This was possible by bringing in many changes, few of which include - Digital India, Atma Nirbar Bharat, New Education policy, National youth Policy, Skill India, Start-ups, Energy efficient equipment, solar energy, introduction of Fastag, development of Railways, National Infrastructure pipeline project, Parvatmala and Bharatmala Project.
• I am proud to say that, in tune with India’s Progress, our HSL is also progressing on the path of growth at a good pace. Our Order book is going to get quantum jump very shortly from 2000 Cr to over 20,000 Cr. HSL has recorded highest ever VOP at 758 Cr, 58 % more than last year and booked a profit of 50 Cr as compared to 14 Cr loss last year.
• There is now greater trust on HSL by customers for our professionalism at work and timely delivery of vessels. We cannot afford to let down our customer’s faith in us and must continue to deliver ships on time. New ways should continue to be explored to achieve this.
• We have undertaken 21 major reforms in the year 2021 and are in the process to complete 22 Major reforms in 2022. Also we have planned 75 activities as part of AKAM which are progressing well and I am glad to add one more; wherein we shall invite children of 75 schools in & around vizag to visit HSL.
• We are on the path to create HSL of tomorrow. In 2041, when HSL celebrates its 100th anniversary, we must be no. 1 shipyard in our country with good export order book.
• To achieve this our guiding principles are :-
• HSL first at all times.
• “HSL OUR PRIDE” - Our core values.
• Reform with Intent; Perform with Integrity; Transform with Intensity
• Impossible means 'I'm possible!
• Serve the Nation through Service to HSL

Jai Hind

+ HSL Foundation Day & 8th International Yoga Day (21 Jun 22)

1.My best wishes to all the employees and their families on this magnificent day on which we are celebrating the 81st foundation day of HSL and the 8th International Yoga day. The events being conducted on this auspicious day are Yoga with all employees, release of mini coffee table book “200 Ships & beyond”, release of Key Result Areas (KRAs) for officers, release of HR  handbook & release of comprehensive lessons learnt document for Ship repair projects. In addition, inauguration of pumps test bed facility at Submarine pipe shop & renovation of ‘c’ Block accommodation for officers in HSL residential colony are also being conducted.   

2.    I am happy to share your achievement wherein we have clocked the highest ever Value of Production of 767 Crore, achieved a profit of over 50 Cr and dedicated 200th constructed ship & the 2000th refitted ship to the Nation during this year of Azadi Ka Amrit Moustsav(AKAM) .

3.    A significant improvement in the performance is visible in the endeavours where we have constructed and delivered all 04 Nos 50 Ton BP Tugs within a period of three months between the first and the fourth tug, making it fastest deliveries back to back of any series of ships in HSL. Similar improvement in performance has been seen in Ship Repair Business, wherein during the year 2021-22, Ship Repair Complex (SRC) has set a record of undertaking repairs of 17 Vessels of different types and contributing their highest VOP at 200 Cr.

4.    Today’s Celebration is also about seeing new leaders getting shaped. We have undertaken key changes that have been set in motion in terms of new business management and work philosophy. The achievements that we are discussing are the outcome of innovative thinking, transformation in work processes, timely actions and result oriented approach of our employees. Many reforms have been initiated by our officers for example framing of Standard Operating Procedures, promulgation of manuals, changes in the approval processes, quick decision making and prompt action etc.

5.    Another good news is that the 05 Fleet Support Ships contract is in advance stage of price negotiations and the yard expects the contract to be signed by Dec 22. Contract of INS Sindhukirti NR is also likely to be signed by Oct 22. We must prepare well to commence & complete all projects in time whilst meeting the desired Quality Standards.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat


1. This month marks the culmination of financial year 2021-22 & beginning of Financial year 2022-23. The Financial year is an important period for us in Business as our targets, performance etc. are measured during this period and also compared with the corresponding period of previous years. At this juncture, I must convey my whole-hearted congratulations to all personnel of HSL for an improved performance in the Financial year gone by i.e. 2021-22 & best wishes for the ongoing FY 2022-23.

2. It’s time for us to pat our back on the last FYs performance and Highlights of the parameters are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.

3. VoP - Despite a tough year with COVID wave 2 forcing us to shut operations and also disrupting the supply chain all over the world, we did not lose focus and each and every one strived hard to ensure that we made the highest ever VoP of 667 Cr which is a 40 % increase YoY.

4. GeM procurement – The target set upon by the Ministry for us was seemingly impossible till the Q2 of the FY. However, with persistent efforts and with an aim to meet the targets, initiatives were taken to ensure that we meet the target of 193 Cr of procurement through GeM.

5. MSMEs Procurement – We made Rs 285.26 Cr value of procurements in this category which is 89% increase YoY.

6. Delivery of all four 50 T BP tugs (two each to Mumbai and Vizag) have been done within a period of just 3 months. Further, the last tug has been delivered one week ahead of schedule.

7. Business diversification – We explored new business opportunities and are venturing into areas which help in our bottom line like contract with LTHE etc. for 68 Cr to utilize the Factory extension area and work has begun. Also we signed 11 MoUs with various agencies.

8. As far as the ship repair business is concerned, we repaired 17 ships in the last FY as compared to 06 ships in 2020-21, which shows that our turnaround time is reducing rapidly. We also earned 4.17 Cr in foreign currency from undertaking refits of foreign vessels.

9. The FY 2022-23 will see that our order book swell with the signing of FSS contract and other major events like floating out of both DSVs, SSP keel laying & FSS construction commencement. We will also begin our infra upgradation and all these activities are formidable challenges and I am sure each one of you will raise to the occasion to enable fulfilling our vision.

10. As always I would like to emphasize our philosophy “serving the Nation through service to HSL”.

11. Once again wishing all personnel of HSL for a successful Financial Year 2022-23.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Hemant Khatri, C&MD, HSL

1.    My best wishes to all the employees on the 51st National Safety Day. I congratulate all the personnel who have been awarded prizes for slogan contest & quiz competitions on Industrial safety.
2.    The importance of Safety, Health and Environment in day to day life cannot be over-emphasised and needs to be part of our basic thought process. Every act we do should be laced with ‘SAFETY FIRST’ thought.
3.    In my view, Safety emanates from empathy & concern for all personnel working with us. It requires ‘Eye for Detail’ & ‘Ability to think what can go wrong’ & prevent it. Good Safety culture requires years of consistent efforts & focused attention that HSL has embarked upon. Safety pledge is a way to re-ignite our commitment to safety. All officers & safety teams should continuously strive to create accident free atmosphere in HSL.
4.    Everyone must adopt zero tolerance for any unsafe practice so as to prevent even minor injuries to any personnel working in HSL, especially as the quantum of work will be increased manifold in the forthcoming years with nearly 3000 contract workmen working in HSL. This leap in the quantum of work will be possible only if the safety aspects are taken care of by every individual.
Once again I wish all personnel of HSL a ‘Happy safety Day’.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Hemant Khatri, C&MD, HSL
+ Message on 26 Jan 2022

1.      My whole-hearted congratulations & best wishes on the 73rd Republic Day of our Great Nation and we are all proud of our constitution and country. I congratulate all the personnel who have been awarded the Commendations and also the winners of the ‘Swachchata’ Trophy. I am also happy to present certificates to our ERP warriors.
2.    Drawing inspiration from our constitution, we the personnel in DPSUs have more responsibility to dedicate our services and life for the progress of the nation. We need to be ready to make sacrifices for our country and in line with our philosophy “serving the Nation through service to HSL”.
3.     Today we are seeing positive changes in our country in almost every area and the nation expects us to be part of this change. We must catapult ourselves in to the future in our core area of expertise and promise to ourselves that we will deliver quality ships in time and within contractual cost.
4.     HSL has set itself on the path of transformation and is emerging as ‘New HSL’. Some of the visible changes are inspiring and more changes are being ushered in.

    Delivery of all four 50 T BP tugs (two each in Mumbai and Vizag) have been done within a period of just 3 months. Further, the last tug has been delivered one week ahead of schedule.

    Our medical and HR teams have valiantly fought various waves of COVID by helping the society as well as HSL families infected by COVID.

    Conduct of tailor-made skill upgradation training for executives as well as workmen have enthused yard personnel.

    Defence exhibition, Model room and Motivation hall set up with in-house resources are inspiring youth & students to pursue shipbuilding career.

    Our efforts towards process efficiency by ‘Go Live’ of key modules as part of ERP implementation are bearing fruit.

    Deploying workmen as ‘LEADS’ & ‘SAFETY MARSHALS’, introduced for better monitoring of outsourced works is helping in improving efficiency, quality & safety.

    Improvement in productivity by deploying large number of workmen in E2 & E3 shifts.

    Multi-disciplinary Integrated project teams formed are formulating micro-plans & injecting weekly schedule to production with resource plan, thus transgressing towards – ‘Planning driven production’.

    Business diversification is being worked upon and orders for utilizing spare capacity have been signed.

5.     Many initiatives have been taken by HSL officers. In 2022 HSL is working to increase the pace of transformation & double our turnover in this ‘Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav’.
6.     75 % of HSL officers are in their youth, who have joined shipyard in this millennium and they are energizing the yard with ‘Youth power’, to enable fulfilling our vision of being a Maharatna shipyard by 2041, which will be the centenary year of HSL’s foundation.
7.     Once again congratulations to all personnel of HSL on our 73rd Republic Day and I wish you and our Nation a very successful year ahead.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Hemant Khatri, C&MD, HSL

+ Message on 01 Jan 2022

1.    On this New Year eve, my wife joins me in wishing all personnel of Hindustan Shipyard Limited and their families a very happy, satisfying, healthy and prosperous New Year.

2.    Looking back into 2021, the year gone by, despite the tough times, we managed to commence our production activities in June itself after braving the onslaught of the second wave. Here, I express my deepest condolences to the families of the personnel we lost in our fight against the pandemic. I also compliment HSL medical department: Our Corona warriors for providing unstinted support during the tough times.  

3.    I have been reiterating the need for us to transform in all spheres of our activities to stay relevant as a business entity. I am glad that the last one year has set us on a path of Transformation in all spheres of our operations.

4.    The sustained efforts in transformation has enabled us to improve our delivery timelines and accordingly completed the sea trials of all 50 T tugs and delivered three of them to the Indian Navy, last two being ahead of schedule. The pace of work on DSVs has increased including work in night shift. The Material for DSVs is being progressively received.

5.    Similarly on the ship repairs front, last 8 vessels have been completed on time including the oil rig Aban, Dredgers, IN ships and FSI ships. The submarine business unit is gearing up to undertake the next refit of an EKM submarine and have gone ahead and signed an umbrella contract with the Russian side.

6.    Focused efforts are being made to improve the quality of work especially on special grade steels by our vendors by giving them dedicated training. Our business partners; various firms who are executing works in HSL and part of our supply chain are being nurtured to scale up their operations to meet the demand for construction of Fleet support ships.

7.    On HR front we have revised the Promotion Policy and also the entire APAR system. We started mid-level training courses for our officers & workmen for refreshing them and preparing them for a complete makeover through mentorship program. The streamlining of policies as well as giving clear SOPs/ Guidelines to increase efficiency has been taken up seriously and towards this 12 Manuals / standing orders have been prepared and issued on the 81st Foundation day. This marked a ‘renaissance’ for HSL. Every process has been looked into and revamped as part of BPR (Business Process Re-engineering).

8.    Safety and welfare have been our focus areas and towards this we are leaving no stone unturned and even institutionalized a separate department for the Factory Manager and also introduced a concept of safety marshals to regularly monitor and avoid any incidents. Women employees’ welfare has been our focus and created some dedicated infrastructure for their wellbeing.

9.    With an aim to augment our infrastructure, we have set a target to modernize the production related infrastructure in a big way and a detailed project study by a professional consultant has enabled us to elicit responses to EoIs from the top infra companies in India.

10.    We must work with rejuvenated zeal and enthusiasm in 2022 and guard ourselves against inefficiencies in the system which lead to stoppage of any work, to meet our committed time and objectives especially those we set for the 75th year of Independence which we are celebrating as ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

11.    I call upon all of you to join me in taking forward this transformation of HSL and may we achieve greater glory in the year ahead. For this transformation, I am reiterating the HSL mantra:-

“Reform with Intent,

Perform with Integrity,

Transform with intensity”.

Happy New Year to all of you and your families
Thank you and Jai Hind
31 Dec 2021

+ Message on 02 Oct 2021

1.  On this historic occasion of Gandhi Jayanti; the 152nd Birth Anniversary of the ‘Father of the Nation’, I express my deep gratitude to ‘Bapu’ for giving us this freedom. Today is also 118th birth anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the great freedom fighter, the ex-Prime Minister who led the Nation to victory in 1965 war.  I convey my greetings & best wishes to all HSL employees on this.

2.   On this occasion, I would like to share a few famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi:-

    “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words.  Watch your habits, for they become your values. Embrace your values, for they become your destiny”.
    “There are two days in the year when we cannot do anything, yesterday and tomorrow”.
    “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it”.
    “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results”.
    “We must become the change we want to see”.

3.   This season is considered auspicious for many HSL employees wherein it is believed that new tasks that begin during the onset of the long festival season beginning with ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ will be successful. So it’s the right time to take a pledge. Let us take a pledge that HSL will remain our biggest faith, our biggest priority; “HSL First; Always First“

4.  As the 75th Year of Independence, has inspired “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”, similarly we at HSL also draw inspiration from our Freedom Struggle to foster a “United HSL”, with ownership in every task as ‘MY responsibility’ for inclusive development, innovation and selfless Service to our company.   I urge HSL team to work with the principle of:

“Sabka Saath, Sabka Prayas, Sabka Vishwas leading to Sabka Vikas”

5.  In today’s competitive business environment, let us all join to create a mass movement of ‘Reduction in Time & Cost in all activities’.
6.   “New HSL” has seen many changes & ‘firsts’ during the last few years and is moving fast on the path of transformation. Yard is now determined to move forward to fulfill its aspiration of 4 digit VoP & 3 digit profit in 2022. New HSL is emerging as a confident & professional yard ready to accept & learn from its past.
7.   We in HSL have to adapt ourselves to the changing era in India. This is the time, the right time for HSL to play a crucial role in India’s Defence Shipbuilding plans.  
8.   Let no obstacle stop us from fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of our employees. Let no department be left behind in the transformation process.
9.   Have faith and Believe in yourself.  You have tremendous potential and can do much more.  Inspire yourself to “Serve our Nation through service to HSL”, and stay focused on ‘Desired Results’.
10.   Let all of us be guided by our Code of Conduct:  ‘HSL OUR PRIDE’, that stands for Honesty, Safety, Loyalty;  Ownership, Unity, Reputation;  Professionalism, Revenue, Innovation, Discipline & Environment.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Hemant Khatri, C&MD, HSL

+ Message on 15 Aug 2021

On the Occasion of the 75th Independence Day, let me express my whole-hearted wishes to all the employees of HSL. As we are celebrating this Independence Day as ‘Azaadi ka Amrut Mahotsav', I want to highlight the importance of freedom that we are today enjoying and I request all employees to take on more challenges and responsibilities as part of industry which is under the Government, so that we can give back to the society in a meaningful way. Some of the other highlights are as follows:-

India @75- Historical Snippets

The month of August has special significance in India’s Freedom Struggle as historically some important events   have taken place such as

      07 Aug 1920     -    Non-cooperation Movement
      09 Aug 1942     -    Quit India Movement
      15 Aug 1947     -    India’s Independence

On the similar lines during ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ which is 75th year of our Independence, we at HSL have to fight a decisive battle and take some decisive resolutions to be ejected out of our work culture and balance sheet.

     Delay           -    Quit HSL
     Inefficiency  -    Quit HSL
     Losses          -    Quit HSL

+ Message on 21 Jun 2021

1.   On the Occasion of the Foundation Anniversary of HSL, I extend warm wishes to all employees and the families of this mighty shipyard. View prevailing COVID pandemic situation, we are celebrating our Foundation Day through digital media. The theme being “Transformational Changes ushering in HSL”. The events that we are conducting on this foundation day are release of various SOPs, Orders & Manuals, which will bring about a significant change in operational efficiency. Theme also signifies our re-dedication to the high ideals & ethos of the company with the motto; “Reform with Intent, Perform with Integrity and Transform with Intensity”. A webinar with our industry partners is also organised to strike a synergistic balance and work out solutions to increase the collective efficiency for meeting expectations of our customers. A Digital album highlighting the glorious legacy of HSL over the last eight decades has also been released on this occasion.

2.   I also take this opportunity to bring to your notice that over the past few months, significant changes are being made with an aim to achieve transformation in our business processes. These include policy level changes like adopting a new Material Manual - 2021 and Service Manual - 2021 to achieve efficiency in timely procurement and outsourcing. The dream of digital India and digital transformation is being achieved by way of implementation of the latest ERP system (SAP S4 HANA) and also using intranet facilities extensively. The skill India objective is being implemented by increasing the apprentices inducted for training, conducting mid-career courses for our executives, welder qualification on specialised steel and by implementing the mentorship scheme for young officers. All of these will greatly enhance the skill sets and enable all-round development of HSL personnel. On the Production front, various Standard procedures to ensure quality and efficiency have been prepared viz. CEATs, RBPPC etc. Efforts are being made to upskill every production officer into a “Project Manager”, for his part of the ship / systems. Empowerment of young officers is being done by giving them leadership role in their ‘Zone of influence’. Detailed plans for a massive infrastructure up-gradation in the yard are also being worked out with our consultant and collaborator for FSS. We are also working out ways to augment our capacity and output by getting into turnkey contracts with capable vendors. Future business opportunities are being explored by way of signing of MoUs with GSL, MDL, GRSE, SCI, DCI and tie-ups with OEMs and technology partners.

3.  I am happy to state that we have successfully forwarded the price bid for FSS and the contract negotiations will commence by next week. The other initiatives taken includes revised HR Manual, Safety Manual, Planning Manual, Maintenance Manual, Contingency Plans, Standing Orders and other important policy documents which help in developing a positive and responsible work culture. The women employees are being given due impetus by running a crèche and exclusive recreation room.

4.  Last year our Ship Repair Division has clocked highest ever VoP in last 10 years. With consistent support of MoD/DP our legacy issue of 52 Cr interest liability of ICG has been resolved, and our proposals for RRMI for FSS, Financial restructuring and realisation of long pending dues from ONGC are being progressed favourably. Notwithstanding above, Financial year 2020-21 has clocked lowest ever VoP in the recent past and high losses due to lack of order in Submarine business, slow progress on Shipbuilding projects, non-placement of equipment orders of DSVs, unfortunate crane accident and COVID pandemic. All these areas are now being vigorously pursued. We need to remain focussed and ‘Result Driven’, to meet delivery milestones. It’s only then, we shall feel proud and truly celebrate India @ 75, a historical milestone in our lives.

5.  Several cases of COVID in yard have been very painful to us. We have lost some of our colleagues and a few of us have lost their family members. We share their grief and resolve to maintain highest standards of COVID protocol in our yard to prevent the third wave of the pandemic. We also reached out to our society in hour of need and supplied Oxygen cylinders to hospitals and contributed in setting up of a COVID hospital apart from undertaking vaccination programme for our employees.

6.  On successfully completing 80 glorious years of service to Nation, I once again want to highlight the vision with which this yard has been set up “To Build ships of Global standards that sail across the seven seas”. I urge each and every member of HSL family to draw inspiration and fulfil the vision by transforming our shipyard to be one of the best in the country.

7.  My best wishes to all personnel of HSL & their family members for our journey into the 81st year of service to the nation with an aim to achieve 1000 Cr VoP for the first time in history of 80 years!

8.  Today is also International Yoga Day (IDY), and I would urge all personnel of HSL to “Integrate and Encourage Yoga through life”.

      Wishing my shipyard, shipyard mates and their families “Good health and Glory”.

Jai Hind!!!
21 Jun 2021

+ Message on 01 May 2021

1.  Through this message I acknowledge and complement all personnel of HSL for completion of financial year 2020-2021. The financial year gone by has posed a very tough challenge for meeting the targets amongst COVID pandemic and other challenges.

2.  Notwithstanding, I must complement all HSL personnel who have strived day and night to achieve certain key milestones viz. completion of refits of Sujata, Sutlej, ABAN and also float out of all four tugs and Flap Gates.  Also equally noteworthy are approval of Technical Bid & Submission of Price Bid of FSS on time.  Congratulations are also due to Commercial, Finance & HR departments for reducing the processing time in many of the activities.  My special complements to all COVID Warriors who have continuously supported the needy personnel.

3.  Looking ahead I call upon one and all to put in their best efforts and work as a change agent to meet the project timelines, come what may !

4.  Also I would like to advise all personnel and their families to get themselves vaccinated as per schedule published by the Government and to take adequate preventive measures against COVID which is still at large.

5.  My best wishes to all personnel of HSL for the financial year 2021-22 and may HSL cross 1000 Cr. VoP mark first time in its history of 80 years.

We rededicate ourselves to...

    Reform with Intent
    Perform with Integrity &
    Transform with Intensity!!!

“Serving the Nation through Service to HSL”
+ Message on 26 Jan 2021

I extend my warm wishes to the personnel of HSL and their families on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day. We all need to understand the value of freedom which we as a countrymen enjoy and how this freedom has been given to us by our forefathers who enshrined the same in the constitution.

I call upon one and all in HSL to strive and fulfill our commitments to our Nation by ensuring we meet all our customers’ requirements through all round excellence in delivering reliable ships and submarines on time with highest quality standards. This, for HSL employees is the best way of serving the nation. Through these efforts we will be enabling many MSMEs and direct labour employed by HSL to meet their needs and lead a good life.

Towards this, we must focus our efforts with renewed vigour in order to meet the schedules set by us and ensure that first indigenously built DSV undergoes sea trials by 15 Aug 2022, when India celebrates its 75th Independence Day. This will be our true contribution to the nation which we all are proud to be part of.

We rededicate ourselves to...

    Reform with Intent
    Perform with Integrity &
    Transform with Intensity!!!

“Serving the Nation through Service to HSL”