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 Cmde Hemant Khatri, IN (Retd), C&MD


1.  On this historic occasion of Gandhi Jayanti; the 152nd Birth Anniversary of the ‘Father of the Nation’, I express my deep gratitude to ‘Bapu’ for giving us this freedom. Today is also 118th birth anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the great freedom fighter, the ex-Prime Minister who led the Nation to victory in 1965 war.  I convey my greetings & best wishes to all HSL employees on this.

2.   On this occasion, I would like to share a few famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi:-

  • “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words.  Watch your habits, for they become your values. Embrace your values, for they become your destiny”.
  • “There are two days in the year when we cannot do anything, yesterday and tomorrow”.
  • “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it”.
  • “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results”.
  • “We must become the change we want to see”.

3.   This season is considered auspicious for many HSL employees wherein it is believed that new tasks that begin during the onset of the long festival season beginning with ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ will be successful. So it’s the right time to take a pledge. Let us take a pledge that HSL will remain our biggest faith, our biggest priority; “HSL First; Always First“

4.  As the 75th Year of Independence, has inspired “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”, similarly we at HSL also draw inspiration from our Freedom Struggle to foster a “United HSL”, with ownership in every task as ‘MY responsibility’ for inclusive development, innovation and selfless Service to our company.   I urge HSL team to work with the principle of:

Sabka Saath, Sabka Prayas, Sabka Vishwas leading to Sabka Vikas

5.  In today’s competitive business environment, let us all join to create a mass movement of ‘Reduction in Time & Cost in all activities’.

6.   “New HSL” has seen many changes & firsts’ during the last few years and is moving fast on the path of transformation. Yard is now determined to move forward to fulfill its aspiration of 4 digit VoP & 3 digit profit in 2022. New HSL is emerging as a confident & professional yard ready to accept & learn from its past.
7.   We in HSL have to adapt ourselves to the changing era in India. This is the time, the right time for HSL to play a crucial role in India’s Defence Shipbuilding plans.  
8.   Let no obstacle stop us from fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of our employees. Let no department be left behind in the transformation process. 
9.   Have faith and Believe in yourself.  You have tremendous potential and can do much more.  Inspire yourself to “Serve our Nation through service to HSL”, and stay focused on ‘Desired Results’.
10.   Let all of us be guided by our Code of Conduct:  ‘HSL OUR PRIDE’, that stands for Honesty, Safety, Loyalty;  Ownership, Unity, Reputation;  Professionalism, Revenue, Innovation, Discipline & Environment.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
Hemant Khatri, C&MD, HSL  

+ Message on 15 Aug 2021 

On the Occasion of the 75th Independence Day, let me express my whole-hearted wishes to all the employees of HSL. As we are celebrating this Independence Day as ‘Azaadi ka Amrut Mahotsav', I want to highlight the importance of freedom that we are today enjoying and I request all employees to take on more challenges and responsibilities as part of industry which is under the Government, so that we can give back to the society in a meaningful way. Some of the other highlights are as follows:-

India @75- Historical Snippets

The month of August has special significance in India’s Freedom Struggle as historically some important events   have taken place such as

  •   07 Aug 1920     -    Non-cooperation Movement
  •   09 Aug 1942     -    Quit India Movement
  •   15 Aug 1947     -    India’s Independence

On the similar lines during ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ which is 75th year of our Independence, we at HSL have to fight a decisive battle and take some decisive resolutions to be ejected out of our work culture and balance sheet.

  •  Delay           -    Quit HSL 
  •  Inefficiency  -    Quit HSL 
  •  Losses          -    Quit HSL

New HSL at India @75

  • Today HSL’s most talked about word is ‘Transformation
  • Today the only ‘Mantra’ of HSL is - “Reform with Intent, Perform with Integrity & Transform with   Intensity
  • Today working philosophy in HSL is “TEAM” - “Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Today the most popular slogan of HSL is “Customer First
  • Today, the biggest resolution of HSL is “NEW HSL

Today HSL is working day & night to fulfill the dreams of NEW HSL and the most important thing in this is that we are re-discovering ourselves - “We are challenging ourselves, we are changing ourselves

Congratulations to Team HSL on the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence & best wishes for our plans in 75th year of our Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav).

Jai Hind ! ! !
15 Aug 2021

+ Message on 21 Jun 2021

1.   On the Occasion of the Foundation Anniversary of HSL, I extend warm wishes to all employees and the families of this mighty shipyard. View prevailing COVID pandemic situation, we are celebrating our Foundation Day through digital media. The theme being “Transformational Changes ushering in HSL”. The events that we are conducting on this foundation day are release of various SOPs, Orders & Manuals, which will bring about a significant change in operational efficiency. Theme also signifies our re-dedication to the high ideals & ethos of the company with the motto; “Reform with Intent, Perform with Integrity and Transform with Intensity”. A webinar with our industry partners is also organised to strike a synergistic balance and work out solutions to increase the collective efficiency for meeting expectations of our customers. A Digital album highlighting the glorious legacy of HSL over the last eight decades has also been released on this occasion.

2.   I also take this opportunity to bring to your notice that over the past few months, significant changes are being made with an aim to achieve transformation in our business processes. These include policy level changes like adopting a new Material Manual - 2021 and Service Manual - 2021 to achieve efficiency in timely procurement and outsourcing. The dream of digital India and digital transformation is being achieved by way of implementation of the latest ERP system (SAP S4 HANA) and also using intranet facilities extensively. The skill India objective is being implemented by increasing the apprentices inducted for training, conducting mid-career courses for our executives, welder qualification on specialised steel and by implementing the mentorship scheme for young officers. All of these will greatly enhance the skill sets and enable all-round development of HSL personnel. On the Production front, various Standard procedures to ensure quality and efficiency have been prepared viz. CEATs, RBPPC etc. Efforts are being made to upskill every production officer into a “Project Manager”, for his part of the ship / systems. Empowerment of young officers is being done by giving them leadership role in their ‘Zone of influence’. Detailed plans for a massive infrastructure up-gradation in the yard are also being worked out with our consultant and collaborator for FSS. We are also working out ways to augment our capacity and output by getting into turnkey contracts with capable vendors. Future business opportunities are being explored by way of signing of MoUs with GSL, MDL, GRSE, SCI, DCI and tie-ups with OEMs and technology partners.

3.  I am happy to state that we have successfully forwarded the price bid for FSS and the contract negotiations will commence by next week. The other initiatives taken includes revised HR Manual, Safety Manual, Planning Manual, Maintenance Manual, Contingency Plans, Standing Orders and other important policy documents which help in developing a positive and responsible work culture. The women employees are being given due impetus by running a crèche and exclusive recreation room.

4.  Last year our Ship Repair Division has clocked highest ever VoP in last 10 years. With consistent support of MoD/DP our legacy issue of 52 Cr interest liability of ICG has been resolved, and our proposals for RRMI for FSS, Financial restructuring and realisation of long pending dues from ONGC are being progressed favourably. Notwithstanding above, Financial year 2020-21 has clocked lowest ever VoP in the recent past and high losses due to lack of order in Submarine business, slow progress on Shipbuilding projects, non-placement of equipment orders of DSVs, unfortunate crane accident and COVID pandemic. All these areas are now being vigorously pursued. We need to remain focussed and ‘Result Driven’, to meet delivery milestones. It’s only then, we shall feel proud and truly celebrate India @ 75, a historical milestone in our lives.

5.  Several cases of COVID in yard have been very painful to us. We have lost some of our colleagues and a few of us have lost their family members. We share their grief and resolve to maintain highest standards of COVID protocol in our yard to prevent the third wave of the pandemic. We also reached out to our society in hour of need and supplied Oxygen cylinders to hospitals and contributed in setting up of a COVID hospital apart from undertaking vaccination programme for our employees.

6.  On successfully completing 80 glorious years of service to Nation, I once again want to highlight the vision with which this yard has been set up “To Build ships of Global standards that sail across the seven seas”. I urge each and every member of HSL family to draw inspiration and fulfil the vision by transforming our shipyard to be one of the best in the country.

7.  My best wishes to all personnel of HSL & their family members for our journey into the 81st year of service to the nation with an aim to achieve 1000 Cr VoP for the first time in history of 80 years!

8.  Today is also International Yoga Day (IDY), and I would urge all personnel of HSL to “Integrate and Encourage Yoga through life”.

      Wishing my shipyard, shipyard mates and their families “Good health and Glory”.

Jai Hind!!!
21 Jun 2021 

+ Message on 01 May 2021

1.  Through this message I acknowledge and complement all personnel of HSL for completion of financial year 2020-2021. The financial year gone by has posed a very tough challenge for meeting the targets amongst COVID pandemic and other challenges.

2.  Notwithstanding, I must complement all HSL personnel who have strived day and night to achieve certain key milestones viz. completion of refits of Sujata, Sutlej, ABAN and also float out of all four tugs and Flap Gates.  Also equally noteworthy are approval of Technical Bid & Submission of Price Bid of FSS on time.  Congratulations are also due to Commercial, Finance & HR departments for reducing the processing time in many of the activities.  My special complements to all COVID Warriors who have continuously supported the needy personnel.

3.  Looking ahead I call upon one and all to put in their best efforts and work as a change agent to meet the project timelines, come what may !

4.  Also I would like to advise all personnel and their families to get themselves vaccinated as per schedule published by the Government and to take adequate preventive measures against COVID which is still at large.

5.  My best wishes to all personnel of HSL for the financial year 2021-22 and may HSL cross 1000 Cr. VoP mark first time in its history of 80 years.

We rededicate ourselves to...

  • Reform with Intent
  • Perform with Integrity &
  • Transform with Intensity!!!

“Serving the Nation through Service to HSL” 

+ Message on 26 Jan 2021

I extend my warm wishes to the personnel of HSL and their families on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day. We all need to understand the value of freedom which we as a countrymen enjoy and how this freedom has been given to us by our forefathers who enshrined the same in the constitution.

I call upon one and all in HSL to strive and fulfill our commitments to our Nation by ensuring we meet all our customers’ requirements through all round excellence in delivering reliable ships and submarines on time with highest quality standards. This, for HSL employees is the best way of serving the nation. Through these efforts we will be enabling many MSMEs and direct labour employed by HSL to meet their needs and lead a good life.

Towards this, we must focus our efforts with renewed vigour in order to meet the schedules set by us and ensure that first indigenously built DSV undergoes sea trials by 15 Aug 2022, when India celebrates its 75th Independence Day. This will be our true contribution to the nation which we all are proud to be part of.

We rededicate ourselves to...

  • Reform with Intent
  • Perform with Integrity &
  • Transform with Intensity!!!

“Serving the Nation through Service to HSL” 

+ Message on 01 Sep 2020

It is my proud privilege to take over the baton of the Chairman & Managing Director of Hindustan Shipyard Ltd on 01 Sep 20. I am committed to strive and fulfill our commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders, through all round excellence in delivering reliable ships and submarines on time with highest quality standards. 
We shall focus our efforts with renewed vigour in order to sustain the momentum so as to improve upon the performance of the shipyard in Rank, Revenue & Reputation and thereby achieve Mini Ratna status in the coming years.
We rededicate ourselves to...
  • Reform with Intent
  • Perform with Integrity &
  • Transform with Intensity!!!

“Serving the Nation through Service to HSL”CRO